The Sir John St Barbe Foundation

The Sir John St Barbe Foundation was established in 1986 following the sale of the old school building in Marston Magna. Since that date the small capital realized through the sale has been invested and the income generated made available to support children whose families are resident in Marston Magna parish and those from the Parishes of Ashington, Limington and Draycott. In recent years Chilton Cantelo and Rimpton have also been added to this list.

We look forward to any application for grant funding from families with a child studying music, dance or other art based subjects who have already reached Grade 1 or above in the subject. We grant up to half the annual fee for lessons, to a maximum of £400 a year. It is not means tested. Applicants require a letter from the relevant teacher or institution with details of the fees for the lesson. For continuation of support the Trustees also require a yearly reports from the teacher or institution on the child’s progress as well as details of the fees paid for the relevant year (be that academic or calendar).

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