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Flood Mitigation


The massively heavy rainstorm on Friday 24 March 2023 caused surface flooding on a scale not seen since 2013. Fortunately, no household was inundated. But, it is a wakeup call. Once the rain comes it is already too late. SCC Highways has a budget under severe strain. It is unlikely there will be any help from them any time soon. The secret is to take preventative measures to break the vicious circle, ensuring at least the drainage system works.


We urge you to do what you can. Anything you can do as householders and landowners will mitigate the effect of heavy rain. Be certain there will be more heavy rain and probably soon. The measures below will all help:

  • Dig out around all the drain gullies to create a good splay so the water can get into the drainage system;
  • Clear the debris blocking the gully cover;
  • If possible, lift the Gulley grid and remove as much as possible of the silt and debris from the chamber;
  • Report a block gulley to a Parish councillor or direct to SCC Highways on line;
  • Clear away any remaining leaves off the road;
  • Clean/sweep the street where you live;
  • Help by doing the same for elderly neighbours;
  • If your own locality is clear, help somewhere else.

Finally, the Parish Council will carry out a planned gully clearance on all the approach roads using a mechanical digger. Any volunteers please contact Penny Copeland or Christopher Le Hardy. Meet at the village hall at 09.00 am on 18 April. James Hull has volunteered his digger. Thank you.

The Parish Council