Rainfall Report – September 2018

September started with 8 successive dry days and ended with 7 successive dry days. In the middle of the month there were 11 wets days, but 6 of these saw only a ½  mm, with the remaining 5 wet days seeing 39 mm (1½ inches) making the September total 42 mm (1¾ inches), a bit below the September average of 58 mm (2¼ inches). This was certainly nothing like the end of the 1976 drought I spoke of with 151 mm (6 inches), and as far as I can tell there have been very few mushrooms. Indeed, to date I have only found 6.

The wettest September I have recorded was 2000 with 134 mm (5¼ inches) and the driest 2003 with 9.5 mm (½ inch).


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