Rainfall Report – October 2017

October rainfall this year has followed the same pattern as August and September with a high number of wet days but relatively low rainfall.  October rainfall totalled 50.5 mm (2 inches), almost half the October average of 98 mm (4 inches), but there were 17 wet days, 4 more than the average of 13.

Over the last 26 years, October has had the highest monthly average rainfall with November close behind on 96 mm. The wettest October was 2013 with 164 mm (6½ inches) and the driest 2013 with 41.5 mm (1¾ inches).

It has been a relatively dry autumn this year. An indication of this that you might well have noticed is the flow of the stream though Marston and Rimpton, which for the time of the year is quite sedate. That said, by the time you read this it might well have become a raging torrent. Who knows?


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