Rainfall Report – November 2018

I mentioned in my October report that the drought appeared to be coming to an end.  This certainly proved to be the case with November having 19 wet days totalling 125.5 mm (5 inches) well above the November average 96 mm (3¾ inches). Wednesday 7 November saw the wettest day of 2018 so far with a hefty 26 mm (1 inch).

November and October have fought it out for some years for the title of highest average monthly rainfall, and for a few years October has been winning. But this year the November average has risen from 96 mm to 97 mm, whereas October dropped from 96.5 mm to 95 mm making November the current champion.  November is also at a slight disadvantage having only 30 days which in theory gives October a 3 mm advantage.

November 2002 is the wettest month I have ever recorded with 189.5 mm (7½ inches) and 2004 the driest November with 27 mm (1 inch).


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