Rainfall Report – March 2018

For the 27 years that I have recorded rainfall in Rimpton, March has had the lowest average monthly rainfall at 53.8 mm (2 inches).  But this year was somewhat different with 127.5 mm (5 inches) and 21 wet days making it the wettest March that I have ever recorded. The previous wettest was 2001 with 123 mm (4¾ inches) and 18 wet days.

You will remember that there were 2 fairly substantial falls of snow during March that totalled about 7¾ inches of fresh snow. Converted to rainfall at a ratio of 10 to 1 this became 19.5 mm of rain. The ratio can vary depending on the type of snow, but 10 to 1 is considered the norm in the UK.  I did a small test by melting a couple samples of fresh snow and 10:1 was not far out.

There has been a considerable number of relatively dry Marchs over the 27 years with the driest being 2011 with just 20.5 mm (3/4 inch).


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