News from our Village Agent – September 2018

When September comes, the summer fetes end and the regular groups resume.  These are a great way to meet people and to share experiences and thoughts.  They can be extremely uplifting and can give a great sense of purpose.  Most groups will love extra volunteer support if you have time to give.

Talking Cafes are often held on a Monday to provide much needed company after a long weekend.  You are sure of a warm welcome where you can come and chat to like-minded people and find support and advice from the agencies who come each week.  Another great support is the Active Living groups that run for several hours twice a week.  They often provide a subsidised healthy lunch so you can skip the washing up every so often!

Many villages have a coffee morning where locals can meet up and chat about local issues.  These can be monthly or weekly.

There are also gentle exercise groups.  You can work on your balance if you are vulnerable to falling, try seated yoga and Tai Chi to stretch muscles and feel peace, seated bowls for fun and gentle exercise and health walks to raise spirits through gentle exercise and conversation.

There are also a network of support groups for those who work as unpaid carers.  Here you will find speakers, people who have experience of your needs and a chance for a chuckle.

Perhaps if you drive to a social group, you could consider if there is anyone in your area who can’t walk there and give them a lift. Some people would like someone to walk with them, to give them the confidence to join a group.

If you struggle to get out of the house, you could receive a weekly telephone call from Age Uk or Silver Line or a visit from the Royal Volunteer Library Service.

To find out what is available near you, try your parish magazine, village hall notice boards, and click on what’s on in your area, try your local village website or give me a call and I can direct you.

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