News from our Village Agent – July 2019

Somerset Praised for its Care Support in Panorama: Crisis in Care. You may have watched the Panorama ‘Crisis in Care’ films that were broadcast on BBC 1 on Wednesday 29 May and 5 June. If not, it’s well worth catching up on the BBC iPlayer if you can.

The film crew spent ten months filming Somerset County Council’s Adult Social Care teams, shining a light on the incredible work going on in care and the pressures the system faces as growing demand outstrips funding.

We, the Village, Carers, Community Agents and Home First Agents, are incredibly proud to be an integral part of the county-wide support for unpaid Carers through CCS – the Community Council for Somerset – and our teams work together to support individuals not only in crisis but who need regular 1:1 support, taking a holistic approach to the needs of the carer and everyone who may be affected in the family and  help you to navigate your way through the system and aim to help you to achieve the best outcomes for your situation.

We think there are over 60,000 unpaid Carers in Somerset, a huge number and we thank them for the long hours and hard work they provide every day.

Carer’s week in June saw CCS linking with hundreds of local organisations in Taunton at our latest Community Connect Health and Social Care Event.  The general public and social organisations were able to share updates on local provision and get some advice at the same time.  Look at our newsletter on our website for more information. or

We celebrated our carers and carer’s groups with a “Cake for Carers” event with many of our carer’s groups continuing the celebrations with paid lunches and even a band to dance along to, in Chard.  Thank you to Pat Galpin who organised this one.

Free Book for Carers: Did you know we have recently updated and published our popular free book called ‘If Only I Knew That’, written by a Carer to give others guidance and support on their caring journey. Call our Carers advice line to get your copy – 0800 31 686 00

Somerset Good Neighbours: At CCS, we have also launched the Good Neighbours Scheme .The aim of this is not only to reduce loneliness and isolation in a community but to help people thrive where they live – the scheme is intended to partner willing volunteers and helpers with anyone needing help with small one-off tasks, such as lifts to medical appointments, dog walks, or even simply sharing a cup of tea and a friendly chat. The aim is to bring people together and help build strong relationships and connections within local communities so that they can support each other in a neighbourly way. Get in touch to find out more or to set up your own Good Neighbours Neighbourhood – it can be set up for a whole village or a few streets in a town.

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