News from our Village Agent – July 2018

I am writing in beautiful sunshine and I do hope that this is set to continue.  I remember this time last year when it was very hot, I learned that medication can get over heated.  Liquids especially, can lose their effectiveness if left in a very hot place.

So can humans!  Don’t forget to keep drinking water as dehydration is an easy thing to fall victim to.  Sometimes it makes you feel groggy and “headachey” as your body needs water to complete its every day jobs such as thinking and digesting your meal. Left unattended, it can make you very ill.

At this point I send out my empathy to hay fever suffers.  The pollen levels have been very high this year.

Another victim of the weather it seems, could be your heating oil, if you are a village dweller like me.  There have been recent reports of domestic heating and farm diesel being stolen.  The thieves are using the general noise and mayhem of our big summer storms as cover.  Just to make matters worse, when they have filled their boots (or perhaps tanks), they have left the severed oil pipes pouring oil into the ground, polluting and making a case for the environment agency to visit.

The sun seems also to have brought out a few suspicious looking people.  I have received a few reports of strange loitering in the area.  If you are worried, don’t hesitate to call 101.  It is the quickest way to get hold of the PCSO’s on duty who will try to drive through and monitor suspicious situations. Gardens are packed with lovely summer equipment at the moment. Very tempting….

I haven’t been able to visit many of my lovely coffee mornings of late as I have been very busy attending to clients.  I would like to send my best wishes to all and hope to see you soon.  I am still contactable on my phone or email and I will return your call as soon as I can.  It was great to catch up with many of you at the annual parish meetings that I have been to throughout May and hear about all the exciting social groups in our villages.

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