News from our Village Agent – January 2018

January can be the hardest month, dark, cold and lacking in money.  Give yourself a mental boost by planning! Take your mind away from the cold and lose yourself in how you are going to spend those long summer evenings!  Perhaps engage in some mindfulness by spending time marvelling at the beauty of the sun setting on the flooded moors and the starling murmerations.

Many villages have weekly groups to join such as coffee mornings (great cake and biscuits – I can personally vouch for it!)  and special interest groups. Perhaps you could join the gardening group and get inspiration on planning some changes to your own patch.  Many groups are free or low priced and will have someone who can come and pick you up.  I can support you in making these links.

There are lots of opportunities to join an exercise group, which is proven to help depression. If you can’t understand where the “fun” is in a “fun run”, start gently, you could try walking football, health walks, classes to aid balance and prevent falls and sitting games such as boccia. You don’t need a leotard or mankini, just some baggy trousers and a pair of trainers!  You are most welcome to go and watch a session first to see what it is all about.  Look for local adverts or phone me for more information. Zing will also help you to start your own group, contact Catherine Devonshire 01935 462347. Perhaps you could call on a neighbour who lives alone and arrange to go with them.  People can go days without seeing someone in the winter when there is no chatting over the garden fence.

There are lots of small grants available to help your group develop, perhaps you could plan a special group trip or buy some equipment.  I can support you with this.

Don’t forget that we can also advise you on keeping warm in the winter and the new SMART meters.

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