News from our Village Agent – February 2021

February finds us back into lockdown, and many people may be struggling to stay active this time round with the cold, wet dark days of winter set in. We have some great tips for you, staying mentally and physically active during these challenging times, helping you to stay fit and well!

Village Agent TOP TIPS keeping your mind and body active in lockdown:

  1. We have recently hosted many Talking Cafes to help you –
    1. Watch this one with advice from a Personal Trainer on what you can do at home:
    2. Watch this one on New Year Mental Health and Wellbeing realistic resolutions:
    3. For Gentle Exercises to help your mind & body – easily done at home!

You can see all past Talking Cafe sessions on the subject under the ‘Mental Health & Well Being’ or ‘Health & Medical’ sections, available to watch on YouTube if you are not on social media – go to

Tune in for the live streams weekdays at 11am to join in the conversation,

  1. Download some free games apps you can play with friends – in your devices App Store, search for games like Gin Rummy, Scrabble or similar and share with your friends so they can download the same game and play together! If you need help with this get in touch with your local Agent or ask a friend! Suduko and other mentally challenging games are great for keeping the little grey cells ticking over.
  1. Check out what local places are doing within lockdown restrictions – Winter Watch on the BBC is a great place to get inspiration to go outdoors! For local ideas try: or the
  1. Get Creative with the Seed of Sedgemoor Arts project, all about allowing more people to choose, create and take part in arts and cultural activity from home
  1. Join Age UK Somerset’s Relaxation and Mindful Breathing online programme, starting Monday the 25 January! There are three sessions each week, and full details can be found here:

  1. Fancy a chat with someone? A new friend or a Talk & Support service? We have a new Chat to Connect programme that links people with similar interests so you can connect with new friends! Also, Village Agents can connect you with a befriending or Talk & Support service, or you could call Mind in Somerset listening service if you need a friendly ear call 01823 334906 (Taunton & West Somerset) 01935 474875 (South Somerset and  Mendip) or 01278 421190 (Sedgemoor & North Somerset).
  1. Do something small each day for 10 minutes, whether that’s
    1. a mindful exercises whether that’s movement, meditation or colouring – ideas below:
  1. Go for a walk- even a few minutes each day helps your body and mind. SASP have some great ideas:
  2. Try an online free exercise class – so much is free on YouTube!
  3. Find a new hobby – because of lockdown, so many companies are offering free training or courses – speak to us if you want to find something specific and we can help!
  4. Contact Somerset Libraries who can help you with Audio books, films and much more and may be able to offer home deliveries

Would you benefit from a free food box?

We are still here to help you with your food needs, no one should go hungry this winter, or if you are a Carer and would benefit from some respite from cooking, we can provide some respite meal packs for you and the person you care for. If you need help with any of this please do contact your local Village Agent on 01823 331 222 or visit

Stay safe, stay well and stay active!

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