News from our Village Agent – December 2020

It’s December, and as Village & Community Agents, we know this can be a really tough time of year, so I’d like to share a little of what we are doing to help people during the winter months.

Christmas is upon us, and here at CCS (Community Council for Somerset) we are very busy with the Somerset Food Resilience Taskforce, in partnership with Somerset County Council. We are working together to increase food security for residents in Somerset.

Across Somerset, CCS Village Agents and volunteers delivered nearly 1,000 meals to families in need to help prevent holiday hunger during half term, and have also recently delivered nearly a tonne of donated potatoes to people in need, distributed through 10 community groups.  We are delivering regular food boxes to clients on a weekly basis and often distribute donated goods such as books, household cleaning products, and much more that people need!

Now we are on the hunt for anyone in their local community providing meals or access to food. Is this YOU?  Do you want to start helping those locally in need?

We can help!  With funding, advice, equipment & ingredients!

Part of the CCS group, our Smart Communities team could provide you with the tools to set up a food bank, collection services or funds to purchase Fridges, Freezers and other equipment to help you store food safely, and help stock them for the people in your local area.

Raj Singh, Acting CEO of CCS said: “We have had full support from all of our community here in Somerset helping us feed individuals and families throughout the pandemic. Please get in touch and join our movement, you will be warmly received.”

One volunteer said: “I feel for people who are struggling right now. I’m a professional person and I’ve retired now but in the early 90’s I found myself in a similar position through no fault of my own when the business I worked for collapsed suddenly after a government problem. As a single parent I found myself going to bed hungry and it’s no fun.”

So, if you are already helping your community or want to start to today and have an idea let us help it turn into a reality.  Visit:

Or call 01823 331 222 if you are interested, or email

The Christmas Gift of Small Things

This winter, our Village Agents are putting together CHRISTMAS GIFT BOXES

for people in need, mainly through our West Somerset Village Agent areas, but with some locations in Sedgemoor, Taunton and Mendip too! Please spread the kindness and donate

small useful gifts to one of our many Christmas Boxes in a shop near you! Once you have donated let us know on social media using the #LoveSomersetRandomActofKindness!

We are looking for small inexpensive items such as:

– Notepad or pen

– Hand sanitiser

– Face mask

– Socks or hand warmer

– Small LED flashlight

– A packet of seeds

– Handbag size paper tissues

– Small Christmas chocolate or nice mints

– Small magnifying glass

– Small blanket

– Candle

– Soap

– Lip Balm

To donate, please drop off in one of the many locations in Somerset please visit the webpage or the Facebook Group:

or call us on 01823 331 222

Talking Cafes Online

We are still unable to bring Talking Cafes back to physical venues and we miss all our clients so much! However we are still live streaming every day at 11am on Facebook  and cover a wide range of topics, from Debt to Mental Health – and all previous sessions can be watched anytime, anywhere via the Facebook page here:

If you are not on Facebook you can now watch previous Talking Cafes on YouTube here: !

You can comment on the YouTube videos if you have any questions and someone will get in touch with an answer. We hope you enjoy them, let us know what you think!

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