News from our Village Agent – December 2017

We all know that Christmas can be the loneliest time of year for some people, especially when the bad weather reduces their ability (and willingness) to leave the front door. The great Christmas get away can mean that people are left on their own without visits from friends and family and so may be more in need of a visit.

There are lots of local events in your area such as Carol Singing and Christmas Markets.  Perhaps you could invite an elderly neighbour to join you at one of these events.

Waste and recycling always comes under strain at this time of year with all that present unwrapping.  Another large headache is the number of Christmas Trees that need to be chipped after the event. Somerset Waste have 25 recycling schemes as they were last year but also look out for local initiatives. Every recycling site will take trees to be composted and all garden waste subscribers can put out their trees for collection and composting. Plenty of other options exist for recycling trees, from planting it in your garden (that means buying one suitable for planting and looking after it well while indoors) to cutting off the branches to use as a frost protector on beds and chopping up what remains to add to the wildlife corner of your garden as a new habitat for beetles and other bugs.PS: Recycled items – from bits of costume jewellery to old keys, children’s hand painted cards to toys – make great decorations for a real tree.

All collection days will be delayed by 2 days from Monday 25 December to 29 December and then one day late from 1 January to 5 January.  There will be no garden collections for the 2 weeks.

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