News from our Village Agent – April 2018

Last month I suggested talking in the library.  This month I am suggesting talking to other people in cafés!

Community Council For Somerset have developed a range of cafés (our nearest is Street at the Bear Inn 10-1 every Monday) where you can get lots of useful information all in one place!  There will be lots of people on hand who can give you advice from a range of professional agencies from health and care, to finance, in an informal, relaxed environment. Let me know if you would like to see a café coming to our area and with enough interest, we can organise one!

Don’t forget there is also a coffee morning in most of our villages, where you can come along for an informal chat and meet the neighbours.  The times and dates of yours are in the parish magazine, or ask me as I can also try to organise some transport if you are struggling to get there under your own steam or need someone to introduce you for your first visit.

There are also some villages that have the support of a CAB member who will support with free advice. Martock, Somerton, Ilminster and Wincanton all have walk in CAB sessions.

Spring may be the time for a tidy and reorganise of the house.  For some, this can be a struggle, either because you do not have the physical strength to clean and tidy or because it has got a bit on top of you and you don’t know where to begin.  Sometimes you may just have so much super stuff, you don’t know how to organise it, or what to throw away or sell.

There are many online face book “buy and sell” groups which are great because you can see if anyone wants your things before you lug it to the car boot and try to sell.  You can also advertise small items for free in the local newspapers.

There are people available to help you make the heart wrenching decision whether to save or sell, and also people who will help you with the physical clear out.  Call me or google the Somerset micro provider list for ideas of people who can help.

Remember, however messy your house is, try to keep your escape routes clear including trip hazards on the stairs.  The fire home safety service will be happy to support you with how to discover your escape routes and plan your de-clutter.  Call them on 0800 05 02 999.

Alternatively, now that the weather is better, stay outside!

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