Marston Magna & Rimpton WI Report – November 2017

We reverted to our winter routine at the November meeting.  We sat down promptly at 12.30pm to a choice of 3 homemade vegetable soups, helped down with a bread roll from the Oxford Bakery.  We just had time to enjoy a piece of homemade (of course!) cake before taking our seats for the speaker of the day.

Oh dear, the eagerly awaited Teddy Bear lady had taken a fall and was too nervous to drive from the other side of the county.   Cynthia, our ever-vigilant secretary arranged a replacement speaker at breakfast time, would you believe!  Thank you so much to the Nutcracker lady for gathering up her collection and heading out to Marston at such short notice.  She only brought a small selection, which easily covered two full size tables, leaving as many behind at home.  She and her husband spend many happy hours scouring charity shops, car boot sales and holiday destinations always on the look out for new additions to their collection.  There were old ones, new ones, foreign ones, wooden ones, metal ones, saucy ones and highly colourful ones from all around the world.  The collection became even more attractive and interesting on closer inspection at the end.

We will enjoy a Christmas lunch in December and will resume our regular meetings on 8 January.  Our treasurer will be pleased to receive annual subscriptions on that day and our speaker to kick off the New Year is Ray Palmer revealing The History of Heraldry.  We welcomed two visitors at the November meeting and we hope very much to see them again on 8 January 2018.

Jenny Dench 850592